If you’ve found yourself on this page then you’ve more than likely already made up your mind that you want a doula, but you’re not sure how you’re going to afford to have a doula as part of your birth plan on top of all other expenses that come along with planning for a baby. We get it! It can be a bit overwhelming when you’re thinking about co-pays, midwife fees, and everything you will need for when baby is here. We’re here to tell you it can be done, you can afford to have a doula!! We are so lucky to live in a time where making a bit of extra money can be quick and convenient with a bit of creativity. We’ve listed some of those ways here!

  • Refinance your home
  • Apply for a personal line of credit
  • Take out a loan from your 401k
  • Donate plasma. Your partner, not you.

……By now we hope you know we’re joking! The point is, you don’t have to take extreme measures to save for your doula fee. Most doulas offer flexible payment plans, so little changes to your lifestyle can make all the difference. The team at DFW Birth Resource has made a realistic list of ways to do just that:

  • Ask your prospective doula is she offers gift certificates to add to your baby registry.
  • Ask your insurance. Depending on your coverage you may be eligible for partial reimbursement for labor support.
  • Deliver orders for Uber EatsInstacartDoor Dash, or Amazon Now. Availability to these options will vary on location.
  • Offer housesitting for friends and family.
  • Are you a pet lover? Sign up for pet sitting or dog walking services. There are online websites that make it easy for you to create a profile and find nearby jobs. Trusted House SittersSitterCity and Rover are some good sites to start.
  • Have a lot of stuff you want to sell but don’t have time to organize a garage sale? Apps like Offerup, 5 miles, and Facebook Marketplace make it easy to sell your unwanted items on your own time.
  • Have you heard of Ibotta? It’s a super easy app that lets you gain cash-back from your in-store purchases. Kind of like coupons but there’s no clipping involved, and you can use this cash anywhere else!
  • And finally, get back to the basics by cutting back on non-essential spending like eating out and $5 coffee. Maybe switch to a smaller cable package or call your phone service provider to see about any plan promotions.

We hope you found this list super helpful! DFW Birth Resource is here to support you very step of the way. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Having the birth team of your dreams is doable and worth it!

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