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At DFW Birth Resource We Make Childbirth
A More Peaceful, Connected Experience 

For You And Baby.

You deserve an empowering and
supportive birthing experience.

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At DFW Birth Resource, we want to make sure you’re taken care of through your entire pregnancy and childbirth journey, and even after! We offer completely customizable packages to fit your needs. Our add-ons and professional partners allow you to choose options that interest you for your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum periods. 

We would love to chat about how continuous labor support from one of the best Doulas in the Dallas/Fort Worth area can change your labor and birth experience!

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How Our Support Works

dfw In-Person Consultation


We get to know you, your pregnancy, and your plans while you get to know us too.
dfw Prenatal Empowering


Your birth plan gets created and your doula walks you through every step.
DFW Delivery Preparation


With all your ducks in a row and your doula at your side, excitement begins.

Dfw Birthing & Labor

& Labor

Steady and supportive, your doula is there with you from start to finish.
Dfw Postpartum Follow-up


Explore swaddling, feeding,
postpartum care, and Q&A with your doula.

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Why Hire A Doula?

Dfw In The Use of Pitocin

In The Use of Hormones

When continuous labor support was provided by a doula.
Dfw Risk of Cesarean

Risk of Cesarean

When continuous labor support was provided by a doula.
Dfw Risk of Newborn Admitted to Nursery

Risk of Newborn Admitted to Nursery

When continuous labor support was provided by a doula.
Dfw Dissatisfied with Birth Experience

Dissatisfied with Birth Experience

When continuous labor support was provided by a doula.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We provide complete and unbiased educational, emotional, and physical support to our clients throughout their pregnancy and birth. Educating the birthing person leads to them feeling empowered to know their options, voice their preferences and feel prepared for this life-changing experience.

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We support whatever birth method YOU choose, whether that’s natural, medicated, or a planned cesarean. Learn More

Yes! In fact, most of our clients birth in hospital settings.
Learn More

Absolutely not. We are there to enhance the partner’s role. We have an intimate knowledge of birth, and they have an intimate knowledge of you. Together we form one heck of a team to support you through your birth experience!

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Our labor support is unlimited. Whether your labor is 3 hours or 30 hours, we’re there for you!

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Yes. We have all had additional training on breastfeeding and are happy to provide you with support and resources to meet your breastfeeding goals.

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All four of our doulas back each other up to insure you will never be left without birth support in case your primary doula becomes unavailable (which is very rare!). Learn More

We offer several childbirth education classes with schedules ranging from a quick weekend class, to a full 6 week session. Whether it’s HypnoBirthing, basic education, or a refresher for a seasoned mom, we work with you to find a good fit!

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We are equipped to provide support for any labor or birth, even cesareans. We can assist with knowing your options for your surgery, as well as support in the operating room for you and your partner.

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Schedule Your Free In-Person Consultation Now!

We are a team of dedicated experts, moms, and cheerleaders – we are certified doulas here to help you find calm when you feel like you’re surrounded by chaos. Our mission is to help you get the right care and give birth on your terms.

There’s nothing like having a calm third party taking care of business in the background so you can focus on having the best birthing experience possible. We’re on your side from the very beginning and support you through the entire childbirth journey.

Birth matters. We make it simple.