I tend to be a minimalist and there’s so much baby gear marketed to new parents it can be super overwhelming. What’s really needed? Here’s my list of what I have used with 3mo daughter, Lily.



4-5 Sleeper Onesies for each size

4-5 Short Sleeve Onesies for each size

4 Muslin Swaddle Blankets



24 Cloth Diapers

I have had alot of luck with Alva pocket diapers. They come with microfiber inserts. 24 diapers gets you enough that you can wash every other day and have a few for the diaper bag. These last from 10lbs through potty training.

24 Bamboo Inserts

Pair these with the microfiber ones for better absorbency.

45 Cloth Wipes

Plan for 2 wipes per diaper change and about 15 for the diaper bag.

3 Wet Bags

2 for the diaper bag (1 for clean wipes and spray bottle, 1 for the dirty diapers) and 1 for the cloth wipes and spray bottle at home

Small Spray Bottles for Wipe Solution



4 Muslin Burp Rags

2 Bottles (Breastfed babies will always take a level 1 nipple. No need to move up.)

Manual Pump

Haaka Pump or Breastshells (For catching milk while nursing)

Milk Storage Bags

4 Pairs of Reusable Breast Pads

Nursing Tanks/Bras (Tanks make the two-shirt method easier!)



Baby Carrier or Wrap

Baby Bath


Small Rocker


Postpartum Recovery:

Bengkung Belly Bind

Epsom Salt (take a bath every day!)


Organic Pads

Organic Panty Liners

AfterEase Tincture

Tucks Pads

Drip Drops (Great for hydration during pregnancy, labor and breastfeeding!)



There’s no need to over spend when having a baby! Keep things simple.

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