Welcome to the first entry of our provider interview series! The purpose of this series is to provide our network with personal access to health care providers within the DFW metroplex. Each month we will spotlight a new provider, check back in as our list expands!

First up, we get acquainted with Taylor Made Midwifery!


I (Sarah) recently had the opportunity to sit down with Susan Taylor LM, CPM, the woman behind Taylor Made Midwifery. She’s a small practice located just outside south Ft Worth. From the moment I walked into her office (aka, her home) I felt the warmth that embodies what she so endlessly worked to create, her family centered home practice. Her midwifery practice blossomed out of Beautiful Beginnings Birthing Center,  which was actually the first birthing center to call Ft. Worth home! Susan worked alongside the experienced Amanda Prouty, LM, CPM for the first 4 years of her midwifery career. I asked her what drove her to midwifery work to which she responded with the birth stories of her children and previous work as a birth doula.

“I kept feeling this tug, I knew where I needed to be. So, 4 months after I had my son I dove in”

Four months after the VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) experience with her fourth child, Susan began her midwifery journey. She also credits this experience as the moment she realized her purpose was to help other women achieve the same. While she welcomes all families, Susan especially prides herself in supporting her clients through their own VBAC journeys. Susan is now a mother to 4 busy young bodies, a midwife, and active within the surrogacy community. When she is not at a band performance, a karate lesson, a choir recital, or welcoming new babies, she is working closely with a surrogacy agency to support their surrogate families. As our time grew to a close my last question to her was “where do you see yourself going from here?”

“I see myself providing personal care to my clients; being there for all my kid’s activities and watching them as they go off to school. I see myself doing exactly what I’m doing now.”

Thank you, Susan, for taking the time to share your story with me. Congratulations on opening the door to your dreams!

Taylor Made Midwifery opened her doors to her home office in September of 2017, however still providing birthing center births at The Nest Midwives located in Mansfield, Tx. To learn more about Taylor Made Midwifery or schedule an appointment, please visit her website.


Susan Taylor LM, CPM
Taylor Made Midwifery located in Ft. Worth, TX


-Sarah Ryan

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