Exercising during pregnancy. You would think would be a no brainer, right? Exercise is good for you why not keep up with it while you’re pregnant? A bit to my surprise, one of the biggest statements I got while pregnant with my twins was “Oh wow, you do CrossFit? I could never do that. Are you going to continue to do CrossFit now that you’re pregnant? You better be careful”



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Throughout those months as I became more noticeably pregnant similar statements kept coming and as they did my desire to want to change the mindset grew. In a healthy mom, healthy baby the best thing you could possibly do is to continue with your active lifestyle to help your body produce those stress reducing hormones and build strength! All you active women out there, if you’re embarking onto this journey called parenthood and want to continue doing you but not sure how to go about it here some helpful you links to guide you.

ACOG- Exercise During Pregnancy

ACOG-Physical Activity and Exercise During Pregnancy and the Postpartum Period

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Let me also say this, if you were super active before pregnancy and not so active during that’s ok. If you were active at the beginning of your pregnancy and not so active later, that’s also ok. What’s not ok is carrying around guilt from taking a break and focusing on resting and soaking in your baby growing season. Be mindful of what your body is telling you and rest assured that you are creating a beautiful and peaceful environment for your growing baby to thrive. If you are searching for the right support feel free to reach out! If I am not you’re area I will do everything in my power to connect you with the right people to help you keep moving safely and efficiently.

For any high intensity exercise program make sure you’re getting the green light from your care provider. Not everyone is the best candidate to continue to follow the same program you were following pregnancy.

Photo By: AyD Photography

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