I tend to be a minimalist and there’s so much baby gear marketed to new parents it can be super overwhelming. What’s really needed? Here’s my list of what I have used with 3mo daughter, Lily.



4-5 Sleeper Onesies for each size

4-5 Short Sleeve Onesies for each size

4 Muslin Swaddle Blankets



24 Cloth Diapers

I have had alot of luck with Alva pocket diapers. They come with microfiber inserts. 24 diapers gets you enough that you can wash every other day and have a few for the diaper bag. These last from 10lbs through potty training.

24 Bamboo Inserts

Pair these with the microfiber ones for better absorbency.

45 Cloth Wipes

Plan for 2 wipes per diaper change and about 15 for the diaper bag.

3 Wet Bags

2 for the diaper bag (1 for clean wipes and spray bottle, 1 for the dirty diapers) and 1 for the cloth wipes and spray bottle at home

Small Spray Bottles for Wipe Solution



4 Muslin Burp Rags

2 Bottles (Breastfed babies will always take a level 1 nipple. No need to move up.)

Manual Pump

Haaka Pump or Breastshells (For catching milk while nursing)

Milk Storage Bags

4 Pairs of Reusable Breast Pads

Nursing Tanks/Bras (Tanks make the two-shirt method easier!)



Baby Carrier or Wrap

Baby Bath


Small Rocker


Postpartum Recovery:

Bengkung Belly Bind

Epsom Salt (take a bath every day!)


Organic Pads

Organic Panty Liners

AfterEase Tincture

Tucks Pads

Drip Drops (Great for hydration during pregnancy, labor and breastfeeding!)



There’s no need to over spend when having a baby! Keep things simple.


Exercising during pregnancy. You would think would be a no brainer, right? Exercise is good for you why not keep up with it while you’re pregnant? A bit to my surprise, one of the biggest statements I got while pregnant with my twins was “Oh wow, you do CrossFit? I could never do that. Are you going to continue to do CrossFit now that you’re pregnant? You better be careful”



Photo by: AyD Photography

Throughout those months as I became more noticeably pregnant similar statements kept coming and as they did my desire to want to change the mindset grew. In a healthy mom, healthy baby the best thing you could possibly do is to continue with your active lifestyle to help your body produce those stress reducing hormones and build strength! All you active women out there, if you’re embarking onto this journey called parenthood and want to continue doing you but not sure how to go about it here some helpful you links to guide you.

ACOG- Exercise During Pregnancy

ACOG-Physical Activity and Exercise During Pregnancy and the Postpartum Period

Want some daily motivation?

These are my favorite IG pages to follow!

@coach.kerri.grace @shenashville and @pregnant.postpartum.athlete

Let me also say this, if you were super active before pregnancy and not so active during that’s ok. If you were active at the beginning of your pregnancy and not so active later, that’s also ok. What’s not ok is carrying around guilt from taking a break and focusing on resting and soaking in your baby growing season. Be mindful of what your body is telling you and rest assured that you are creating a beautiful and peaceful environment for your growing baby to thrive. If you are searching for the right support feel free to reach out! If I am not you’re area I will do everything in my power to connect you with the right people to help you keep moving safely and efficiently.

For any high intensity exercise program make sure you’re getting the green light from your care provider. Not everyone is the best candidate to continue to follow the same program you were following pregnancy.

Photo By: AyD Photography


We have some great tips for helping you boost your immune system this cold and flu season! Being sick is awful, but being sick while pregnant is even worse! Did you know there are so many things you can do throughout your pregnancy to help boost your immune system and stay healthy during cold & flu season, and all year long? Here are our top 6 tips to boost your immune system during pregnancy.

Tip 1: Extra Supplements

Hopefully you’re already taking your prenatal supplements, but when sickness is going around, it’s always a great idea to add some extra Vitamin CVitamin D, and Probiotics!

Tip 2: Immune Shot!

This is the kind of shot you want! This not-so-great tasting shot is a few simple ingredients that are great for boosting the immune system!

Here’s what you do:

  • Use a garlic press, grater, or finely chop 1 clove of garlic
  •  Add 1 tablespoon of raw local honey
  • Add 2 tablespoons of organic raw apple cider vinegar
  • Dilute with filtered water.

Shoot it down quickly and then drink a glass of water.

Tip 3: Cold Calm Homeopathic Tablets

Cold Calm is a great homeopathic remedy that can help relieve common symptoms of colds. Make sure to follow the directions and consult your medical practitioner when taking any homeopathy or herbal supplement. Other homeopathy choices that you might want to consider are Eupatorium or OscillococcinumSpongia Tosta and Hepar Sulph are other products that can support a cough.

Tip 4: Aromatherapy

Along with homeopathy and herbs, diffusing essential oils can help give your immune system a big boost and even keep the air purified in your home. Try diffusing 100% pure essential oils like Lemon, Lavender, and Peppermint. I love using Young Living essential oils throughout pregnancy! Lavender is also great for improving relaxation and sleep, which brings us to our next immune booster!

Tip 5: Extra Rest

Sleep is a great medicine! You’re already needing extra rest while growing that precious baby, but when you’re feeling a little under the weather, you need to get even more ZZZs. Do what you can to rest, and get extra sleep to boost your immune system. Take an epsom salt bath or warm shower, diffuse some calming essential oils, and take a rest. Even a short cat nap is great at aiding the immune system in fighting off whatever sickness you’re dealing with.

Tip 6: Stay Hydrated and Well Nourished

Make sure to cut the sugary drinks and get plenty of water, around 60-80 oz. a day. You can add an electrolyte powder, like DripDrop or Liquid I.V., to your water for extra hydration as well. Not only do you want to cut down on sugary drinks, but cut down on the processed foods and sugary foods and get plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables each day. Other nourishing foods to consider would be bone broth or veggie broth, fermented foods, warm water with lemon and honey, and herbal teas safe for pregnancy.


*Consult all supplements and remedies with your medical provider.



If you’ve found yourself on this page then you’ve more than likely already made up your mind that you want a doula, but you’re not sure how you’re going to afford to have a doula as part of your birth plan on top of all other expenses that come along with planning for a baby. We get it! It can be a bit overwhelming when you’re thinking about co-pays, midwife fees, and everything you will need for when baby is here. We’re here to tell you it can be done, you can afford to have a doula!! We are so lucky to live in a time where making a bit of extra money can be quick and convenient with a bit of creativity. We’ve listed some of those ways here!

  • Refinance your home
  • Apply for a personal line of credit
  • Take out a loan from your 401k
  • Donate plasma. Your partner, not you.

……By now we hope you know we’re joking! The point is, you don’t have to take extreme measures to save for your doula fee. Most doulas offer flexible payment plans, so little changes to your lifestyle can make all the difference. The team at DFW Birth Resource has made a realistic list of ways to do just that:

  • Ask your prospective doula is she offers gift certificates to add to your baby registry.
  • Ask your insurance. Depending on your coverage you may be eligible for partial reimbursement for labor support.
  • Deliver orders for Uber EatsInstacartDoor Dash, or Amazon Now. Availability to these options will vary on location.
  • Offer housesitting for friends and family.
  • Are you a pet lover? Sign up for pet sitting or dog walking services. There are online websites that make it easy for you to create a profile and find nearby jobs. Trusted House SittersSitterCity and Rover are some good sites to start.
  • Have a lot of stuff you want to sell but don’t have time to organize a garage sale? Apps like Offerup, 5 miles, and Facebook Marketplace make it easy to sell your unwanted items on your own time.
  • Have you heard of Ibotta? It’s a super easy app that lets you gain cash-back from your in-store purchases. Kind of like coupons but there’s no clipping involved, and you can use this cash anywhere else!
  • And finally, get back to the basics by cutting back on non-essential spending like eating out and $5 coffee. Maybe switch to a smaller cable package or call your phone service provider to see about any plan promotions.

We hope you found this list super helpful! DFW Birth Resource is here to support you very step of the way. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Having the birth team of your dreams is doable and worth it!


DFW food and fitness

Welcome to the second installment in our DFW birth professional provider series! Giving you a more detailed look at some of the resources available for your prenatal and postpartum seasons. Sarah recently sat down with R.E.S.E.T. by JEM, a holistic and wellness services company based in Ft. Worth. They believe a happy, healthy, healed pregnancy starts with food and fitness first! R.E.S.E.T. stands for Rejuvenate, Empower, Stimulate, Enlighten, and Transform; all things we could use a little more of in our lives!

Improving Generational Health Increases Generational Wealth

These words are the force that drive Jaquatta Klein, owner and operator of R.E.S.E.T. by JEM, when she sits down with a client to form his/or her perfect personalized program. R.E.S.E.T. by JEM is a holistic health practice offering preventative care programs designed to provide customized tools, direction, and one-on-one coaching to help you towards a healthier you. A quick look on her website will show you that while she serves retired senior citizens and post-surgery patients, her major focus is on the health and well-being of new mothers. With over 6 years of experience in preventive care, Jaquatta is able to assist new mom’s through this special time and form a program specifically designed to help her feel enlightened and empowered.

How does she do it?

While every individuals program will vary, all programs offer flexibility and are centered around fitness, nutrition, and education. Through her own struggles and accomplishments Jaquatta learned that by transforming your daily routine and incorporating healthy habits you can play an active role in ensuring you don’t lose yourself along your journey to creating new life. As your nutritional coach, Jaquatta offers to organize your pantry, demonstrate how to better organize your grocery list, guide you through maneuvering the distracting grocery aisles, and educate you on meal prepping. A full list of her services can be found on her webpage:

Jaquatta also teaches a series of prenatal and mommy-and-me fitness classes, including water aerobics, with Oh Baby! Fitness through Texas Health in Ft Worth. For a full list of classes and times you can go to and enter “Ft Worth, TX” into the search bar.

How long are the visits?

You can expect to spend around 1 hour for the initial consultation at her main office in Arlington.. The consultation will serve as a time for you to discuss your health background, lifestyle, goals, and form a plan. Remember, the plans are customized to fit your goals and lifestyle!

How do I schedule a consultation? 

It’s simple! Just head on over to her page and fill out her contact form:

Thank you, Jaquatta, for meeting with me and allowing me to learn more about your practice!

-Doula Sarah